Daily Prompt: Safety First

The most recent situation that has made me feel unsafe was when I opened the door to a stranger, in my daughters presence.

I felt so horrible, violated, and most of all I was disappointed in myself.

Why would I do such a thing. Really?

I felt so sick because I not only opened the door to a stranger but I let the stranger in my house without validating this person’s true identity.

Lucky for me and for my daughters sake this person was really the maintenance man that I had been expecting all day.

Since I had been waiting so long, I just assume that the person that knocked on the door would be my regular maintenance guy but I was caught off guard when it was not him and went into shock mode as I opened the door without checking through the peephole or asking who it was before hand.

Shame, Shame, on me.

I learned my lesson and yesterday when I got an unexpected knock at the door early in the morning, I didn’t open the door to the stranger.

Common Misused Words

When writing, I have noticed that I sometimes second guess myself about using certain words.

I don’t know about you, but the following are some words that cause me some grief.

1. Loose vs. lose

I have a loose tooth.

Don’t lose your phone.

2. Too vs. To

I worry too much.

You will want to watch the movie, too!

3. Choose vs. Chose

Chose is the past tense for choose.

4. Affect vs. Effect

Affect is an Action

Effect is the End Result

5. Advise vs. Advice

My doctor advise me to start exercising.

Please, take my advice and stay in school.

6. Your vs. You’re

Your paint brush needs to be put away.

You’re welcome.

7. Do vs. Due

I will do my homework in the morning.

My report is due on Wednesday.

It’s embarrassing to admit that these simple elementary words would cause such an issue but they do.

I will usually ask my 4th grade daughter to help me out and if she is not around I have to google it.