What caused that sound?

Last night, I slept in my daughter’s room (my daughter and I had a sleepover) she ended up going to sleep early and I stayed up surfing the web and around 11:30 pm, I heard what sounded like music from a Jack-In-The-Box coming from my daughter’s closet.

I quickly froze because it is late at night and I was not expecting to hear that. I wanted to jump out of bed and look in the closet but you have seen what happens in scary movies, the actress or actor will go and research the noise and before you know it, they are dead, only to take the truth with them to the grave. Ok, that was over the top. I also thought about swooping up my daughter and running back to my room where my husband was but I didn’t because I would wake her and spook her; therefore causing her to be scared of sleeping in her room and end up bunking with me and my husband till she is in heels.

So, I just laid in bed. Waiting to hear the sound again, but I didn’t hear it again.

The strange thing about this situation is that she doesn’t have any toys that would make that kind of noise and she most certainly doesn’t have a Jack-In-The-Box.

I am for sure that this sound came from her closet and didn’t come from outside.

I do recall a similar situation that occurred when she was younger. She had a soft toy that was a cross between a teething ring and a play phone that would go off for no reason and at different times of the day. (I didn’t let her play with that toy any more.)

I am tempted to sleep in there again or have my husband sleep in there just to see if it will happen again. I am still puzzled on what could have caused this noise.