Happy 1 Year Anniversary, T!


Wow, a year has gone by since I started my blog. How do I feel? Happy! I have achieved many goals and I am happy to be part of this community.

Reflecting back I have posted 24 articles and have several post awaiting to be edited and published. I have read hundreds, if not thousands of post from various bloggers and have learned a lot and traveled to many foreign places through your post.

In my very first post, I expressed that I didn’t have a particular topic to blog about but I knew I couldn’t wait to look back and see how my thought process and writing style would evolve.

I thought I would be a loyal and gung-ho blogger but I have failed to meet my own expectations. It’s been 7 months since my last post. Which on some days I felt guilty in calling myself a “Blogger” but I can’t beat myself up over it too much because I have valid reason to be an absent blogger.

In the 7 months I have been absent, I have been chasing my dreams and making my goals a reality. I have gone back to college and my job duties picked up tremendously. Aside from my schooling and work, I have been balancing my duties as a mom and a wife. It has been a challenge trying to get my little one and husband to help around the house and getting them use to the fact that I am away at night school but they are slowly adjusting. It definitely has been a challenge for me because these changes have triggered my panic attacks. I hate panic attacks!!!!!

To my followers I hope you accept my apology for not formally letting you know that I had to bow out for a while but I lost track of time and can’t believe I have been away this long.

I do have stories to post and hope to post something once a month going forward.

So, reflecting back I am happy on the progress I have made, the post I have created, and for the wonderful followers I have. I enjoy reading when I can’t post but I hope to be more involved in the year to come.


My 10 Year Goals

It’s a New Year and time for New Year’s resolutions.

I know for many this can be exciting and for many discouraging.

I usually like to make a New Years Resolution and get excited when I finally get to check them off my list but going forward, I decided to ditch the New Years Resolution and give myself 10 years to meet some of my most important goals.

I feel confident that I can do them in 10 years or if I can’t at least I will have started working towards achieving them.

Here are a few of my 10 year goals: (in no particular order)

1. Finish my degree.
2. Travel over seas (out of the U.S.)
3. Start a new business
4. Invent something
5. Blog once a week
6. Learn a new language
7. Become a life coach
8. Learn how to write computer codes
9. Write 1 child’s book in English and Spanish
10. Produce and or direct a movie or music video

Yes, many of these goals I can complete in 2014 but many of them I wont be able too!

Now that I know what I want to work on, all I have to do is create an action plan.

In many of the books I have read, some of the advice the authors give is to remember to stay flexible and keep in mind that I may have to adjust my timeline and goals along the way.

What I really need to keep in mind is that I should not be to afraid that I get scared of completing my goals.

Fear has paralyzed me before and try’s to keep me prisoner.

Well, No More!

I am excited and confident that I will meet these goals.

I wish you all success in what you hope to achieve.

Thanks for your support!


I would like to Thank You all for supporting and helping me achieve 1 of my goals for 2013:

Starting my very own blog!

I started in July and I am still a beginner but I am growing and evolving everyday.

This year I hope to post more and give my site a make-over.

Once again, thank you all for your support and encouraging words.

It means so much to me!


Picture courtesy of WhoWhatWhy.com