You are in control!

Thought of the Day | 9-12-13.

Came across this post today and I like the straight forward message.

Thanks KiKi for reminder.

I hope this will motivate you as it has for me.


Making the most of your time?

I have a very long commute and during my time on the road, I see a lot of interesting things like:

1. Eating


Now, this isn’t a bad thing because we all have done this at some point but if you have a bowl, plate, and silverware in your hands, it could be bad and illegal in some states.

2. Grooming/Applying Makeup


I have seen alot of people shaving their faces and brushing their teeth.

As far as applying makeup goes, I have done this before but only when I am at a dead stop in traffic or at a red light.

3. Changing Wardrobe

I have seen a lot of women changing their tops while driving. I have yet to see a beefy hunk do this.

I have to wonder are we really that busy that we have to do these small tasks on the road or are we simply just making the most of our time? You know, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

If you have seen something funny or weird on your commute, I would love to hear what you have seen.

I opened the door to a stranger!

Today, I broke protocol on a very basic safety rule: I opened the door to a stranger.

The stranger I opened the door to was a maintenance worker from my apartment complex. Although I scheduled this appointment and was expecting him, I should have validated who was on the other side BEFORE I opened the door.

I have no idea why I just opened the door without taking precautions. I guess I was on auto-pilot and not in the moment since I was working from home. I assume that if I heard a knock that it would be a reliable and good will man.

When I realized what I did, I had the door wide open. There I was staring at the guy with my eyes wide open, frozen with disbelief. He didn’t say anything to me nor I to him.

I was in shock with myself because this is so out of character for me and on top of that I made this mistake in front of my daughter.

Now, someone was watching out for me.

Lets just say that this wasn’t the maintenance guy (thank you God that it was) I would have just let a stranger in my house.

After he left, I told my daughter of my mistake and reminded her to NEVER, EVER open the door to a strange and to validate that the person on the other side is legit.

From this experience, I realize that adults do forget the basic safety rules. It has open my eyes and reminded me that I need to review my safety rules.

I also need to address the maintenance manager and let him know that his employees need to:

1. Announce themselves when they are at the door.
2. Have their maintenance guys dress in uniforms.
3. Have badges or a form of id that validates their identity and that they do work for the complex.

Common Misused Words

When writing, I have noticed that I sometimes second guess myself about using certain words.

I don’t know about you, but the following are some words that cause me some grief.

1. Loose vs. lose

I have a loose tooth.

Don’t lose your phone.

2. Too vs. To

I worry too much.

You will want to watch the movie, too!

3. Choose vs. Chose

Chose is the past tense for choose.

4. Affect vs. Effect

Affect is an Action

Effect is the End Result

5. Advise vs. Advice

My doctor advise me to start exercising.

Please, take my advice and stay in school.

6. Your vs. You’re

Your paint brush needs to be put away.

You’re welcome.

7. Do vs. Due

I will do my homework in the morning.

My report is due on Wednesday.

It’s embarrassing to admit that these simple elementary words would cause such an issue but they do.

I will usually ask my 4th grade daughter to help me out and if she is not around I have to google it.

Love/Hate Relationship with Technology


I have a love and hate relationship with technology. Sometimes, I adapted really well to the changes technology brings and sometimes I’m a bit challenged.

For example, since I use my ipad for everything, I decided to make my life easier and get a case with a keyboard. I was so excited about this new gadget that I start typing away but quickly discovered that my keyboard will lock up (but only when I am in my Admin) causing me to log out of WordPress, wait a few minutes, shut down my iPad, and then re-launch WordPress and repeat.

Technology you suck, but I like how you can connect me with the world with a push of a button.

When the keyboard is working, my automatic spell check reminder is not.

Wait! That could be due to the upgrade that I did earlier to my WordPress app. I only did it because I thought it would have better features.

Boy, was I wrong.

Now, to make changes or create something new, I have to log onto the WordPress site instead of using the app like I used, too. Solution, I have to use the internet to validate the words I am not familiar with are spelled correctly and pay extra attention when I am typing.

So, is the new keyboard or the upgrade causing the issues?

Technology, you suck but I love that I can stay at home and work remotely.

Well, I need to figure out what is causing these issues. If this new keyboard is the cause then I have to return it. If it is the upgrade, then I have to make a comment and let the programmer know that the changes suck!

I can’t make the comments or return the keyboard because it could be an operator error.

Is it me that sucks?

As I am typing, I am starting to feel sad for what lies ahead when I get older. How am I going to keep up with technology as I age?

Am I going to be an annoying elder women that keeps asking questions, calling geek squad, or paying the neighborhood kids to come by and help me with a simple command which in turn will end up costing me and an arm and a leg.

Wow, that is a scary thought.

Advice to myself, be kind and patient to your elders that are trying to keep up with the times and stay a float with the latest trends, lend them a hand for FREE!


You jerk! Was that really necessary?

Last week, I was in the most wonderful spirits because it was finally Friday and I was looking forward to starting my weekend with my family after a hard week at work.

About half way through my commute, I noticed that my windshield was very dirty from bug guts, so I decided to hit my windshield sprayer to clean up the crap till my next car wash.

I am always mindful to other drivers before I hit the windshield sprayer because I hate it when the person in front of me is cleaning their window and mine gets hit, too.

I look and there was a car about 2 car lengths behind me, so I speed up a little to avoid spraying them. I am finally ready to spray my windshield. I repeat the process twice since my windshield wipers suck.

About a minute later, the car that was behind me weaves in and out of traffic trying to make his way in front of me, he manages to get in front of me, slows down to only hit his windshield wiper button down so that my almost dry and semi clean windshield gets hit.

To be honest, I really wasn’t paying attention the first time he did it because I was on weekend mode but the third time he did it, I snapped from my zone and realized this joker was doing it on purposed.

You Jerk! Was that really necessary?

I have no idea what the guys problem was. I was mindful and respectful to makes sure I was far enough that his car would not get hit. If the wind even carried the liquid he would have got a very mild mist.

Of course, I instantly get pissed because this guy is being a jerk.

He continues to do this for 30 more seconds and I start tailgating him and pulled onto the side of him and raise my hands up.

I guess he wasn’t expecting me to react like I did, so he backed off but I wasn’t done yet. I kept following him.

He switched lanes, I switched lanes.

He slowed down, I slowed down.

Finally, he had enough and takes the nearest exit BUT to his surprise that is my exit.

As soon, as we take the exit, he makes the first right and heads into the sunset.

I really thought about continuing my chase but I have better things to do and this really wasn’t safe in the first place.

Thinking back, I should not have stooped to his level and not put myself in that kind of situation. This person could have had a gun or try to break check me.

It really irritated me because he was an older male and I felt that he was bullying me, a female.

The road is filled with idiots so be careful and keep your cool.