Making the most of your time?

I have a very long commute and during my time on the road, I see a lot of interesting things like:

1. Eating


Now, this isn’t a bad thing because we all have done this at some point but if you have a bowl, plate, and silverware in your hands, it could be bad and illegal in some states.

2. Grooming/Applying Makeup


I have seen alot of people shaving their faces and brushing their teeth.

As far as applying makeup goes, I have done this before but only when I am at a dead stop in traffic or at a red light.

3. Changing Wardrobe

I have seen a lot of women changing their tops while driving. I have yet to see a beefy hunk do this.

I have to wonder are we really that busy that we have to do these small tasks on the road or are we simply just making the most of our time? You know, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

If you have seen something funny or weird on your commute, I would love to hear what you have seen.


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