I opened the door to a stranger!

Today, I broke protocol on a very basic safety rule: I opened the door to a stranger.

The stranger I opened the door to was a maintenance worker from my apartment complex. Although I scheduled this appointment and was expecting him, I should have validated who was on the other side BEFORE I opened the door.

I have no idea why I just opened the door without taking precautions. I guess I was on auto-pilot and not in the moment since I was working from home. I assume that if I heard a knock that it would be a reliable and good will man.

When I realized what I did, I had the door wide open. There I was staring at the guy with my eyes wide open, frozen with disbelief. He didn’t say anything to me nor I to him.

I was in shock with myself because this is so out of character for me and on top of that I made this mistake in front of my daughter.

Now, someone was watching out for me.

Lets just say that this wasn’t the maintenance guy (thank you God that it was) I would have just let a stranger in my house.

After he left, I told my daughter of my mistake and reminded her to NEVER, EVER open the door to a strange and to validate that the person on the other side is legit.

From this experience, I realize that adults do forget the basic safety rules. It has open my eyes and reminded me that I need to review my safety rules.

I also need to address the maintenance manager and let him know that his employees need to:

1. Announce themselves when they are at the door.
2. Have their maintenance guys dress in uniforms.
3. Have badges or a form of id that validates their identity and that they do work for the complex.


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