Love/Hate Relationship with Technology


I have a love and hate relationship with technology. Sometimes, I adapted really well to the changes technology brings and sometimes I’m a bit challenged.

For example, since I use my ipad for everything, I decided to make my life easier and get a case with a keyboard. I was so excited about this new gadget that I start typing away but quickly discovered that my keyboard will lock up (but only when I am in my Admin) causing me to log out of WordPress, wait a few minutes, shut down my iPad, and then re-launch WordPress and repeat.

Technology you suck, but I like how you can connect me with the world with a push of a button.

When the keyboard is working, my automatic spell check reminder is not.

Wait! That could be due to the upgrade that I did earlier to my WordPress app. I only did it because I thought it would have better features.

Boy, was I wrong.

Now, to make changes or create something new, I have to log onto the WordPress site instead of using the app like I used, too. Solution, I have to use the internet to validate the words I am not familiar with are spelled correctly and pay extra attention when I am typing.

So, is the new keyboard or the upgrade causing the issues?

Technology, you suck but I love that I can stay at home and work remotely.

Well, I need to figure out what is causing these issues. If this new keyboard is the cause then I have to return it. If it is the upgrade, then I have to make a comment and let the programmer know that the changes suck!

I can’t make the comments or return the keyboard because it could be an operator error.

Is it me that sucks?

As I am typing, I am starting to feel sad for what lies ahead when I get older. How am I going to keep up with technology as I age?

Am I going to be an annoying elder women that keeps asking questions, calling geek squad, or paying the neighborhood kids to come by and help me with a simple command which in turn will end up costing me and an arm and a leg.

Wow, that is a scary thought.

Advice to myself, be kind and patient to your elders that are trying to keep up with the times and stay a float with the latest trends, lend them a hand for FREE!



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