I don’t want to clean, Mommy!

My family knows how this house hold operates on the weekends especially on a Saturday, and when they act in shock when I remind them, I am annoyed.

On Saturday, I like to wake up have breakfast with my husband and daughter, do our household chores, shower/change; head out to accomplish the to-do/errand list, and then enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

So, this Saturday, after breakfast, I tell my daughter “honey, can you please do your chores so we can knock it out-of-the-way.” She of all people knows that when I am saying something, I am saying it for a reason.

She says: “I don’t want to. You never told me I had to do them.”

Mind you she is kicking and throwing her body around like she’s doing a new dance move.

Me: “Well, I don’t want to do mine either, but I have too! Remember, I made a list for you a couple of months ago that has your chores. You can find the list in your night stand drawer.”

She says: ” Why, do I have to do them? I don’t understand why I have to make my bed when I am just going to mess it all up when I get in bed in a few hours.”

Me: “You need to clean your room we have lots of things to do today.”

I am really trying to stay away from saying BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!

She says: ” You don’t understand how much stuff I have to do? I have to make my bed, pick up my clothes, pick up my toys, open the curtains. That is too much stuff and it takes a long time.”

Me: ” Of course, I know what your duties are and how long it takes to finish them. I used to do them. Now, I’m not asking you to do them, I am telling you. So put a smile on your face and do them.”

As she is pouting and storming off, I think to myself, I am going to make a list of all my chores and have her compare her list to mine. She needs to see what I have to do. So, I immediately start writing down all my chores.

5 minutes pass and she comes back to me and says “I am done and I am going to play on my iPad.”

I stop her in her tracks and tell her that I want to show her something.

She says: “Gosh! What, now!”

Me: ” You know when I tell you to do something, I am telling you for a reason. I think you forgot that I told you 30 minutes ago that you have a hair appointment and we must run out here shortly. I expect we will be gone the rest of the day and we wont have time later to do our chores. While you were cleaning I wrote down some of the chores that I have to do and how long it usually takes me to complete these task.”

She says: ” I don’t need to see the list. I have more things on my list and it takes a long time.”

Me: “Let’s compare your list with my list and see what you have to complain about.”

I start going through my list telling her that I have to clean 2 bathrooms and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for each bathroom.

I go into details describing some of the task like: scrubbing the shower walls and tub, clean the sink, scrubbing the toilet, mopping, trash, etc. etc.

By now, I can see that she realizes her little list of things isn’t so bad.

I continue on naming other chores: washing clothes, vacuuming, dusting, clean the kitchen, so on so forth.

Me: “See honey, my list is way longer than yours but you don’t hear me huffing and puffing when I have to do these time sucking task. I just do them because it must be done. Otherwise, who is going to do them?”

I also have 2 reasons why you do these task.

1. You need to learn about responsibility.
2. I need your help. When you clean your room that helps lift some of the weight off my shoulders.

She says: “I understand.” You know mom, I can help you make your list smaller. You need to start giving dad chores.”

Me: “Well honey, you see that I don’t have the living room or folding clothes on my list. That is your daddy’s chore.”

We immediately look at the couches and see a mountain of clothes.

She says: ” Mom, daddy left the house before doing his chores.”

Me: “Yes, I know. I guess I need to have this very same talk with daddy.”

Balancing more than 1 plate


Since I haven’t been posting anything in the last couple of days, I thought I would let you know what I have been up to and what is on my plate.

Plate 1- Priority 1 – Finding a house.

Plate 1 is Priority 1 because I decided not to rent any more and I am looking to buy a house. Since I don’t know the timing of when a house will appear on the market, I am on a month to month option in my current residence and my landlord has punished me with fees for the m2m option and has raised my rent. The rent that I am paying for my current residence is too much and not worth it. I must stay on top of this and find a house soon.

Plate 2 – Priority 1 – Finding a new job.

Plate 2 is Priority 1 because I want to buy a nice home in a nice area, so I need to increase my pay. The price range that I am at now is not going to be a very good range for long as the housing market is rising and the interest rates are going up. I could up my price range with my current pay but I would not be able to do anything. I would basically be working to pay my mortgage. I could buy a fixer upper home at the price range that I have right now and could turn it into my dream home but I have to be honest, I would not get around to doing some of the task and these types of homes are not in the best area. I must stay on top of this and start being more aggressive in my job search.

Plate 3 – Priority 1 – Getting my car repaired.

Plate 3 is Priority 1 because I need my car. Last Thursday, I was driving home and something in the road flew up and SMASHED my windshield (Details on my accident to follow on another post). I have borrowed my mother-in-laws car but don’t feel comfortable because I don’t want to be held liable if something were to happen to her vehicle. In order to get my car fixed, I have to wait for the collusion shop to do their assessments, send me the paper work, send them back the papers so that they can schedule the repairs with 2 different teams to remove my seats and dashboard in order to clean up the glass and repair the windshield. Plus, the car that I am using takes so much gas (doesn’t help that I commute 50 miles a day round trip). I must stay on top of this too and find a job closer to home.

Plate 4 – Priority 1 – Everyday chores/activities.

Plate 4 is ALWAYS Priority 1. As a mom and a wife, it is very important for me to have my household run smoothly. If I go 1 day without doing dishes or clothes it immediately snowballs and I become over whelmed with other chores. I have to keep on schedule and do this everyday. Since my accident, I have let some of the chores back up. I knew that would be a bad idea but what can I do, my eyes were messed up and my back was sore. My husband and daughter help as much as they can but they have their own chores and sometimes fall behind in what they need to do when they pick up my weight.

Aside from the chores, I have other things to do: helping my daughter with school work, volunteering, and whatever miscellaneous things that come up.

I have delegated as much as I can but sometimes if you want things done right you have to do them yourself.

This is what I have been up to. Gosh, when the majority of these to do’s are off my list, what will I complain about next.

What caused that sound?

Last night, I slept in my daughter’s room (my daughter and I had a sleepover) she ended up going to sleep early and I stayed up surfing the web and around 11:30 pm, I heard what sounded like music from a Jack-In-The-Box coming from my daughter’s closet.

I quickly froze because it is late at night and I was not expecting to hear that. I wanted to jump out of bed and look in the closet but you have seen what happens in scary movies, the actress or actor will go and research the noise and before you know it, they are dead, only to take the truth with them to the grave. Ok, that was over the top. I also thought about swooping up my daughter and running back to my room where my husband was but I didn’t because I would wake her and spook her; therefore causing her to be scared of sleeping in her room and end up bunking with me and my husband till she is in heels.

So, I just laid in bed. Waiting to hear the sound again, but I didn’t hear it again.

The strange thing about this situation is that she doesn’t have any toys that would make that kind of noise and she most certainly doesn’t have a Jack-In-The-Box.

I am for sure that this sound came from her closet and didn’t come from outside.

I do recall a similar situation that occurred when she was younger. She had a soft toy that was a cross between a teething ring and a play phone that would go off for no reason and at different times of the day. (I didn’t let her play with that toy any more.)

I am tempted to sleep in there again or have my husband sleep in there just to see if it will happen again. I am still puzzled on what could have caused this noise.

Making the most of your time?

I have a very long commute and during my time on the road, I see a lot of interesting things like:

1. Eating


Now, this isn’t a bad thing because we all have done this at some point but if you have a bowl, plate, and silverware in your hands, it could be bad and illegal in some states.

2. Grooming/Applying Makeup


I have seen alot of people shaving their faces and brushing their teeth.

As far as applying makeup goes, I have done this before but only when I am at a dead stop in traffic or at a red light.

3. Changing Wardrobe

I have seen a lot of women changing their tops while driving. I have yet to see a beefy hunk do this.

I have to wonder are we really that busy that we have to do these small tasks on the road or are we simply just making the most of our time? You know, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

If you have seen something funny or weird on your commute, I would love to hear what you have seen.

I opened the door to a stranger!

Today, I broke protocol on a very basic safety rule: I opened the door to a stranger.

The stranger I opened the door to was a maintenance worker from my apartment complex. Although I scheduled this appointment and was expecting him, I should have validated who was on the other side BEFORE I opened the door.

I have no idea why I just opened the door without taking precautions. I guess I was on auto-pilot and not in the moment since I was working from home. I assume that if I heard a knock that it would be a reliable and good will man.

When I realized what I did, I had the door wide open. There I was staring at the guy with my eyes wide open, frozen with disbelief. He didn’t say anything to me nor I to him.

I was in shock with myself because this is so out of character for me and on top of that I made this mistake in front of my daughter.

Now, someone was watching out for me.

Lets just say that this wasn’t the maintenance guy (thank you God that it was) I would have just let a stranger in my house.

After he left, I told my daughter of my mistake and reminded her to NEVER, EVER open the door to a strange and to validate that the person on the other side is legit.

From this experience, I realize that adults do forget the basic safety rules. It has open my eyes and reminded me that I need to review my safety rules.

I also need to address the maintenance manager and let him know that his employees need to:

1. Announce themselves when they are at the door.
2. Have their maintenance guys dress in uniforms.
3. Have badges or a form of id that validates their identity and that they do work for the complex.

Common Misused Words

When writing, I have noticed that I sometimes second guess myself about using certain words.

I don’t know about you, but the following are some words that cause me some grief.

1. Loose vs. lose

I have a loose tooth.

Don’t lose your phone.

2. Too vs. To

I worry too much.

You will want to watch the movie, too!

3. Choose vs. Chose

Chose is the past tense for choose.

4. Affect vs. Effect

Affect is an Action

Effect is the End Result

5. Advise vs. Advice

My doctor advise me to start exercising.

Please, take my advice and stay in school.

6. Your vs. You’re

Your paint brush needs to be put away.

You’re welcome.

7. Do vs. Due

I will do my homework in the morning.

My report is due on Wednesday.

It’s embarrassing to admit that these simple elementary words would cause such an issue but they do.

I will usually ask my 4th grade daughter to help me out and if she is not around I have to google it.