You jerk! Was that really necessary?

Last week, I was in the most wonderful spirits because it was finally Friday and I was looking forward to starting my weekend with my family after a hard week at work.

About half way through my commute, I noticed that my windshield was very dirty from bug guts, so I decided to hit my windshield sprayer to clean up the crap till my next car wash.

I am always mindful to other drivers before I hit the windshield sprayer because I hate it when the person in front of me is cleaning their window and mine gets hit, too.

I look and there was a car about 2 car lengths behind me, so I speed up a little to avoid spraying them. I am finally ready to spray my windshield. I repeat the process twice since my windshield wipers suck.

About a minute later, the car that was behind me weaves in and out of traffic trying to make his way in front of me, he manages to get in front of me, slows down to only hit his windshield wiper button down so that my almost dry and semi clean windshield gets hit.

To be honest, I really wasn’t paying attention the first time he did it because I was on weekend mode but the third time he did it, I snapped from my zone and realized this joker was doing it on purposed.

You Jerk! Was that really necessary?

I have no idea what the guys problem was. I was mindful and respectful to makes sure I was far enough that his car would not get hit. If the wind even carried the liquid he would have got a very mild mist.

Of course, I instantly get pissed because this guy is being a jerk.

He continues to do this for 30 more seconds and I start tailgating him and pulled onto the side of him and raise my hands up.

I guess he wasn’t expecting me to react like I did, so he backed off but I wasn’t done yet. I kept following him.

He switched lanes, I switched lanes.

He slowed down, I slowed down.

Finally, he had enough and takes the nearest exit BUT to his surprise that is my exit.

As soon, as we take the exit, he makes the first right and heads into the sunset.

I really thought about continuing my chase but I have better things to do and this really wasn’t safe in the first place.

Thinking back, I should not have stooped to his level and not put myself in that kind of situation. This person could have had a gun or try to break check me.

It really irritated me because he was an older male and I felt that he was bullying me, a female.

The road is filled with idiots so be careful and keep your cool.


2 thoughts on “You jerk! Was that really necessary?

  1. About a decade or so ago, I would’ve reacted the same way you did in this situation. However, someone that is near and dear to me participated in a similar road rage incident when she was being bullied by a crazy redneck in a large pick-up truck and was almost murdered by him. He tailgated her to a local gas station and while the cashier was dialing 911, this monster went to her driver’s side window and attempted to slit her throat with a knife.

    She had neck and lower back issues due to an auto accident that occurred years earlier but had experience in martial arts (thank the Lord) so she was very swift with her reactions to avoid getting stabbed by him. She got out of the car and he chased her around it and tried to get at her but grew increasingly agitated because he couldn’t get anywhere close to her, all the while swinging his knife and shouting obscenities at her saying he was going to kill her.

    She kept her cool (even though she feared for her life) and ran quickly around the car to avoid him. After a few minutes of this, he shouted at her some more before he got into his pick-up truck and peeled out of the gas station. The police arrived about 5 minutes later and they took her statement. They caught him a few weeks later but she didn’t want to testify in front of him in court for fear her face would be permanently etched into his memory and that he’d someday try to find her and kill her. At that point, his memory of what she looked like had more than likely faded and – she wanted to KEEP IT that way. Instead, she dropped the case, cut and dyed her hair and went about her life. She never saw him again.

    What I gleaned from her unfortunate and terrifying experience is this: NEVER EVER engage in road rage with ANYONE, no matter how much at fault they are for cutting you off, tailgating you or whatever else they do. People like that are CRAZY – and you NEVER KNOW just how mentally unstable they are and, as you stated earlier, they could have a gun or other type of weapon and they could relentlessly pursue you to do you bodily harm or to MURDER you, as was the case with my relative.

    Whenever someone does me wrong on the roadways, I swear at them under my breath and continue to drive onward, as if nothing had happened. Of course they’ll speed past me, flipping me the finger and shouting some sort of obscenity at me, but that’s when I remain calm, cool and collected and allow my anger and frustration at them to subside. There’s NO way I’m EVER going to react to anyone on the road EVER again. My sweet relative’s unimaginable horror story about what happened to her has reminded me of how many monsters actually walk and drive among us. We are all truly walking around in a world of darkness.

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