You jerk! Was that really necessary?

Last week, I was in the most wonderful spirits because it was finally Friday and I was looking forward to starting my weekend with my family after a hard week at work.

About half way through my commute, I noticed that my windshield was very dirty from bug guts, so I decided to hit my windshield sprayer to clean up the crap till my next car wash.

I am always mindful to other drivers before I hit the windshield sprayer because I hate it when the person in front of me is cleaning their window and mine gets hit, too.

I look and there was a car about 2 car lengths behind me, so I speed up a little to avoid spraying them. I am finally ready to spray my windshield. I repeat the process twice since my windshield wipers suck.

About a minute later, the car that was behind me weaves in and out of traffic trying to make his way in front of me, he manages to get in front of me, slows down to only hit his windshield wiper button down so that my almost dry and semi clean windshield gets hit.

To be honest, I really wasn’t paying attention the first time he did it because I was on weekend mode but the third time he did it, I snapped from my zone and realized this joker was doing it on purposed.

You Jerk! Was that really necessary?

I have no idea what the guys problem was. I was mindful and respectful to makes sure I was far enough that his car would not get hit. If the wind even carried the liquid he would have got a very mild mist.

Of course, I instantly get pissed because this guy is being a jerk.

He continues to do this for 30 more seconds and I start tailgating him and pulled onto the side of him and raise my hands up.

I guess he wasn’t expecting me to react like I did, so he backed off but I wasn’t done yet. I kept following him.

He switched lanes, I switched lanes.

He slowed down, I slowed down.

Finally, he had enough and takes the nearest exit BUT to his surprise that is my exit.

As soon, as we take the exit, he makes the first right and heads into the sunset.

I really thought about continuing my chase but I have better things to do and this really wasn’t safe in the first place.

Thinking back, I should not have stooped to his level and not put myself in that kind of situation. This person could have had a gun or try to break check me.

It really irritated me because he was an older male and I felt that he was bullying me, a female.

The road is filled with idiots so be careful and keep your cool.

10 year anniversary ideas


I need some ideas on what to do and what to get my husband for our 10 Year anniversary.

Running out of time, so your suggestions and feedback are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Beware! Of the jumping Shark!


About 2 weeks ago, I watched the popular Shark week on the Discovery Channel and started thinking, how exciting it would be to see an actual shark in the wild and how I would react.

Well, last Friday, my wish came true. I saw a S-H-A-R-K!

To tell you the truth, I could not believe my eyes. At first, I thought my eyes were deceiving me or that I was just imagining seeing it because I have been watching Shark week BUT my eyes did not trick me, I did see a shark.

Just to be sure, I asked my husband and daughter and they agreed, it was a SHARK.

Ok, this is cool, BUT NOT COOL.

There are many people in the water and we need to warn them about the danger in the water.

So, my daughter and I sprang into action and headed down the beach in full speed, trying to get the surfers and swimmers attention.

As we are making our way down the beach (mind you, we are SCREAMING and WAVING our arms around) we noticed that this SHARK was jumping around and with a companion.

We immediately came to a stopped.

Wait a minute, those are not sharks! Those are dolphins.

Oh my gosh, we were so embarrassed.

We looked like fools running and screaming. We nearly made a big scene for nothing.

Well, on the bright side, we didn’t get any one out the water!

As, we made our way back to our area on the beach, we kept talking about how that was a close call but we were sure we had seen a shark. Oh well, maybe next time we will see one.


I know I’m no shark expert, but I have been watching shark week for several years and I know I what a shark looks like.

I refused to give it up and refused to let anyone become a shark snack. I am going to look for that SHARK!

I kept looking out into the water (of course from the shore) for what seemed like forever
(30 minutes) and what do you know a HUGE black shark caudal fin appeared.

We were thrilled to see it BUT we had to inform the public. Time for me to be a HERO!

I immediately looked to the couple next to me and told them that there was a shark in the water and that they should be careful and avoid the water.

Unfortunately, my dreams of being a “HERO” were shattered after the couple said “We know. It’s a tiger shark.”


They also went on to say “don’t worry, sharks don’t like humans. They don’t want to mess with us” and got in the water.

What was that about?

Ok, sharks are like any other animal. It is in their genes and nature to defend their turf. Humans are in the turf and if they feel disrespected and or the need to scope out our intentions, the animal will defend what’s theirs or let us know they are checking us out.

Well, I was happy I saw a shark but I had a different vision in mind, of how I would be treated after I tried to save the beach goers. I thought I would be on the local news, get a key to the city, a parade, and a movie deal. Well, at least I tried to save someone.

FYI, 2 days later, a Salmon shark swam on shore and was helped back into the water by a HEROIC lifeguard (the news anchor called him HEROIC). This morning a great white shark was spotted eating a seal.


Although, the caudal fin I saw didn’t belong to either a tiger, salmon, or the great white shark. What else is out there?